Expedited Injured Workers Clinic

Expedited Injured Workers Clinic



Now your injured workers can be seen by leading specialists.


The Expedited Injured Workers Clinic can ensure rapid access with unparalleled customer service.
All appointments can be booked within weeks at our Vancouver or New Westminster Clinic


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FAX TO : 604.648.9744


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· Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repairs
· Posterior Cruciate Ligament Repairs
· Menisectomy and Meniscus Repairs
· Debridement

Elbow and Shoulder

· Rotator Cuff Repair
· Decompression
· Debridement
· Instability


· Arthroscopy

Foot and Ankle

· Arthroscopy
· Arthrodesis
· Ligament Reconstruction

Hand and Wrist

· Arthroscopy
· Carpal Tunnel Release


No Referral Required.

Toll Free: 1-866-737-7460
Phone: 604-737-7464
Fax: 604-637-0941

Specialist Referral Clinic
#121 - 555 West 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC, V5Z 3X7

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The Specialist Referral Clinic is located in Vancouver , BC. We expedite independent medical assessments and consults with World Class Specialists within weeks. No Referral Necessary. Click to book an Appointment

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The highly trained team at SRC takes great care to ensure you are seeing the RIGHT SPECIALIST for the RIGHT PROBLEM. With over 40 specialists, and years of experience within the support team , the Specialist Referral Clinic is one of Canada's premiere private health facilities. Click to view our Specialists

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The SRC ensures seamless integration and rapid access to world class specialists and where necessary we can arrange surgery at the most state of art facility in Canada. Learn more about Cambie Surgery Centre .